Code is in before /body tag, config happens via data-attributes. Current controls are speed, if (or not) mouse drag enables scroll, and multiuplication factor.

Click on the thing that has .w as class and look into the Element settings.

If you clone this PLS PLS PLS PLS check and update the script tag as I might just delete mine. You'll find your code in the assets panel and you can copy from there.

It's webGl ready and supports speed, but for that you'll need to clone the codesandbox and figure it out for now.


the whole proejct
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Mouse drag activated (if you want)
Smooth scroll controlled via factor attribute.
If you don't want to bother you just need data-scroll attribute and it's done.
All the info you can find in the page code section
I'm working on a proper webflow smooth scroll lib but will no be here anytime soon.
This one is super untested so you shouldn't realy use it without proper due diligence
It's really minimal. So it's small, and doesn't really do a lot of things.
Thought I'd share anyway.
I'm on twitter. This project I'm developing on codesandbox.